Adding A Server.

Now that we have a server we need these specific Details.

  • Server IP Address.
  • Server Game Port.
  • Server Web Port.

IP - Your Server IP must be a valid IP in order for our system to connect to it.

Ports - Your Ports are split up into 2 types of ports depending on the type of server you are running.

Game Port - The port number the players connect to in order to play on the server.

Web Port - Your web port is the port used to connect to web pages for the server. They could be just a Server Statistics Site or an Admin Panel.

Adding The Server To The Listing.

After You have logged in your menu will now include more options. We have provided Images for better Ease for you.

Click On "My Servers"


Once the page has loaded click on the "Add Server" Button


You will then be prompted to input the Server IP and Port Numbers. Once you have verified the IP is valid (note the tick in the IP box) then click "Test Server"


Our System will now try to connect to your server. If the Connection Fails as shown below, Check Your IP And Port numbers are correct. Should you have issues in this step you can contact Support on our Discord Channel.


If the connection Is Successful then you should be presented with the following Screen. Here you can change your Country Location should it appear wrong.

Add tags to your server. Plugins on the server. If you are an experienced user then you can add more details, but for now lets move on.

For more information On Server Tags and what they are can be found here: Server Tags


After You save your server you will be able to see all the details you have saved on your "My Servers" Page and will be displayed as follows.



Initially your server will appear as offline. This just means you added your server out of our Ping Time. Ping Time is when we ping the servers Every 5 minutes to see if they are online or offline.

If your server remains as "Offline" The make sure your server is Indeed Online and Is Visible To The Public. Should The Problem Persist Seek our Support Team On Our Discord Channel.

Your API Key is a private piece of information that is used for connecting special plugins to our website. This is designed to be a secret key, do not give this out to other people.

More Details Can Be Found Here: API Keys