API Keys

Important Information about our API Keys.

API keys are meant to be secret. Do not share your API Key with anyone!

If your API Key is compromised you can Regen a new one on the server page.

If you need help connecting your API Key to your chosen supported plugin then seek the help docs of that plugin or contact the developer, still do not supply your API Key to the developer.

You are responsible for your API Key, should we find a connection trying to siphon information through your API Key that we do not allow, we will notify you letting you know and your API Key will be revoked.

If your API Key is revoked you must apply with the support staff about getting it reinstated. Depending on the severity of the offense you may not get an API Key Reinstated.

If you Regen an API Key then the old one will be gone permanently, You will then need to re-update your API Key in your plugins.

Allowed Plugins And Disallowed Plugins.

To have your plugin allowed connection to our services you will need to contact support with detailed information about what kind of plugin it is, what information you need for your plugin and what game it is for.

Any plugin found trying to siphon disallowed information will be added to our ban list. The developer of the plugin will need to contact us with all the details regarding their plugin and why it was trying to get that information and if they have stopped their plugin from trying to access that information.

The Plugin will be tested by us and if we find that the plugin is still trying to gather that information it will be permanently banned.

Additional Information.

Our API Keys Can be used for supported plugin connections.

How this works is,

The API key is used to connect to our servers through certain plugins/mods for certain games which allow for a few things we connect it to.

Here is an example:

Certain Plugins allow for Vote rewards for voting for your server, This requires a connection to the system where the server was voted for.

The API key creates a secure connection to our system and links the users details to your plugin.

There are specific details that are sent for certain reasons. Here is a list of details not sent to the plugin.

This is private information and we do not believe that a plugin should have these details, nor will we supply these details.

  • The Users Email Address.
  • The Users Actual Name.
  • The Users Address.
  • The Users Birthday. Should you offer rewards or special gifts for people for their birthdays you must provided that yourself.
  • Any other information that would breach privacy laws.

This is the information we will send across to servers connected to our systems.

  • Steam ID. If the user has connected their steam account then this will allow them to receive their rewards on steam based servers.
  • Username. The players username used on the website, if it matches with that in-game then their rewards can be received.
  • Voted Information. For players who have voted.
  • Favorite Information.