Deleting Your Server

Deleting your server is pretty straight forward.

However, Should you decide to delete your server, This process is Irreversible! Once its deleted its gone along with any associated information regarding that server such as:

  • API Key - If you are using the API Key then the connection with the API Key will no longer be Valid. See: API Keys for more information.
  • Banners - If you use our banners we provide they will no longer be available and will break upon use.

Should you delete your server then decide to re-list it you can do so, however complete new information for your server will be generated.

When you are ready to delete your server head on over to My Servers. Then Click on the server you wish to delete.

Once the page has loaded Simply Click "Delete Server". You will be prompted to ensure you really want to delete your server. Click Confirm.

You will then be directed back to your My Servers Page.

*Note: This Action is NOT Reversible! So you must be 100% certain you want to delete your server, We can not help you if you decide to delete your server then change your mind. Should your information need updating then you can do this Just By Editing your server

You don't need to delete your server then register a new one. See: Editing Your Server For More Information.