TSO - Vote Rewards Official Documentation

Welcome to the Documentation for the TSO - Vote Rewards mod.

This mod is designed for the game Eco

If you are yet to get the mod you can use one of the links below to download it.

MOD.IO Download

For Version: 8.1.*

Direct Download

For Version: 8.1.*

Downloading From Mod.io

Downloading from mod.io gives you the option to install by subscribing to the mod.

It may also take us time to upload the updated version of the mod to mod.io

Mod.io is Eco's Official Mod Platform for downloading mods.

Direct Download

Direct Downloading will ensure you have the latest updates for the mod.

We Recommend using Direct Download if you use a hosting Service and mod.io install won't work and if you are experienced in installing mods on your server.

Mod.io also offers a download option.

In this documentation you will find all the information you need to install, setup and use our mod.

Certain sections in this documentation will be updated with new release information including the addition of commands, changes and compatibility.