Editing Your Server Listing.

We Have Provided images to help you navigate through this process easier.

To edit your server Details navigate to "My Servers", Select the server that you want to edit the details for then click edit.

Once you have selected the server you wish to edit you will be shown this page. It is very similar to when you first created a server.

Here we can edit our server Details such as:

  • Server Banner: You can make your own custom banner to display on your server in the lister. The Size requirements are: 900px wide x 115px high. Accepted Formats are: JPEG, PNG, GIF.
  • Address: This is your server IP, Should it change then you can update it here.
  • Game Port: Should your game port change (the port used to connect to your server in game) You can update it here.
  • Web Port: This is your web port for connecting to your Server Website, Should that port change You can update that here.
  • Host Name: This is the server Name as it displays on your server, however you can Customize it to your liking. Although its not recommended.
  • Location: The country in which your server is located.
  • Version: This is updated Automatically and you don't need to try and change this.
  • Website: Display your servers website, this can be useful for forums or even using a direct link to your discord.
  • Show Discord Plugin To: There are a few settings here:
    • Everyone: Allow everyone to see your discord Server on your Server Page
    • Authenticated Users: Users that have an account on TSO and are logged in.
    • Users Who Have Favorited This Server: TSO accounts that have your server Favorited.
    • Users Who Voted For This Server: TSO Accounts that have voted for your server.
    • No One: Hide your discord Plugin from everyone. - If you add the discord Widget then admins of TSO will still be able to see it.

    You can find more information on the Discord plugin Here: Adding Discord Plugin

  • Discord Server ID: This Is your discord Server ID, you should keep this private because other people can post your discord server on other websites without your knowledge. Read: Adding Discord Plugin for more information.
  • Last Wipe: This can be updated to show when you wipe your server and start a new map.
  • Tags: There are a few tags here with different Meanings, to Read more on tags and their meanings check out: Tags
  • Plugins: Plugins are mods/plugins added to your server for many reasons, you can add all your plugins here and use "Enter" on your keyboard to add a new line. You can also change who they display to

Once you are done editing your server details Click "Save Changes" And your new updates will be in place. Should your server appear as "offline" After the new changes give it some time to re-ping your server.