Getting A Server

If you don't have a server yet there are a few ways to get a server.

  1. Dedicated Hosting
  2. Self Hosted
  3. VPS Hosted

Dedicated Hosting

There are many providers you can use to rent a server from.

These providers will setup the server for you and host it at a cost. You can simply use Google to find dedicated hosted services.

Self Hosted/VPS Hosted

Self Hosted And VPS Hosted servers are much in the same.

A self hosted server is hosted on your own personal computer or another computer you have at home.

A VPS Hosted Server is a server hosted on a Virtual Private Server. This is a paid for service that offers much more flexibility and removes strain from your own computer.

In order to setup one of these kinds of servers the game provider usually has a WIKI page for setting up these servers with in-depth instructions on how to configure your server.

VPS and Self Hosted servers require Port Forwarding knowledge. If you don't know how to port forward Google can provide some useful answers to this as its pretty in-depth.

*Note. We are not responsible for any tasks you complete on your own computer/router nor do we offer a service that helps you in port-forwarding, as opening ports on your computer opens up your computer to risks.