Server Details

In this section we are going to go over a quick run down of the Server Details for, Logged out users, Logged in users and server owners.

Most of the server details are self explanatory, but just in case some things confuse you here is a quick rundown.

  • Address: The address listed in the server details is the servers web address to their website for the server.
  • Server IP: The server IP has a port number attached to it, this is the direct connection to the server in-game.
  • Host Name: Host name is the name of the server!
  • Status: This tells you if the server is online or offline. the server is pinged every 5 minutes for its online/offline status and is updated accordingly.
  • Players: Players has the current amount of players on that server when the server was last pinged, it may not be 100% accurate but it gives you a rough idea.
  • Location: The location the server is hosted in so you can find servers close to you to play on.
  • Version: This is the current Server Version, this is updated when the server is pinged, so if the server updates in between the ping times it will update the next time information is collect from the server.
  • Website: Some servers have their own personal website for buying in game items or donations, these are listed here.
  • Registered By: This is the user who register the server listing, this may not be their in-game name or the actual owner.
  • Registered Since: This was when the server was first listed on the website.
  • Last Update: This is the last time the server was pinged by our server tracker.
  • Last Wipe: The last time the server was wiped of all its data or reset, map, users and other in-game data.
  • Tags: Tags depict what the server is built around, more detailed information on server tags can be found here: Server Tags.

Images Have been provided for an easier understanding.

logged out user

This is how a logged out user will view the listed server.

Although nearly all the options are there, logged out users will not be able to vote, favorite or see restricted content.

logged in users

Logged in Users will have access to voting, Favoring and content you have restricted to Authorized users only.

Server Owner

The owner of the server listing will have all settings available to them including the delete button.

You can not give your server to another user nor give adminship to your server details to another user.