Server Tags

Server Tags are used to define a server type.

These are the most common tags used with a description of what each tag means.

  • Vanilla: Vanilla Tag means that the server has no mods/plugins and is running 100% straight out of the box. they have not edited the config files past naming their server and giving it a description or made any changes that the game would declare as modified.
  • Modded: This server has been modified. They are running custom plugins/mods that alter the game play or changed settings that the game thinks is modified over Vanilla game play.
  • Roleplay: These servers are dedicated to role playing, the game is treated like it is its own world and players play with different persona's to match the roleplay theme.
  • Dedicated: This server is dedicated hosted, its ran through a service that keeps the server up 99% of the time, it is not ran from a home computer that is only on at set times of the day.
  • Whitelisted: This server has a special list with certain players Username/Steam ID/ect so only those players can play on the server. To get on one of these servers you must contact the server owner directly.

We use server tags to help you find a server to suit your play-style and preferences.

Search Filters.

Search filters help you to find servers based off: Location, Server Tags, Online players with more to be added in the future.

The Server Filter will show the highest ranked server first, followed by the next server in descending order.